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The Gordon Dress Tartan.

The Edie family is a Sept of Clan Gordon, and so entitled to wear the Clan Tartan



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The Edie Family first settled in Central Otago in New Zealand's South Island in the early 1860s. Since that time the family has grown and dispersed, so that it is now spread throughout New Zealand, and indeed the world. Sadly, there is no longer any direct descendant of the family living in that area of Central Otago which today still carries the family name - Edievale.

This site was created by a descendent of one branch of the family.

It does not claim to be exhaustive or complete. It does not even claim a monopoly on historical or other accuracy. And if you detect a bias towards one particular branch of the family (or line of descent) I can only say that it reflects my interest, parentage, and sources of information.

It reflects a life-time's interest in family history, and a wish to record what has been learnt in that time.

If you spot inaccuracies inconsistencies, or omissions, PLEASE let me know, so together we can correct them, and thereby improve the value of the site as an historical record.

Finally, please understand that this is a "work in progress" and, as such, remains incomplete.


the original Family Homestead in Edievale, Central Otago